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Code of Ethics

1. Thermographers shall act in good faith toward each client, patient, and other interested parties.

  1. Thermographers shall perform services and express opinions based on genuine conviction and only within their areas of education, training, or experience.

  2. Thermographers shall be objective in their reporting and not knowingly understate or overstate the significance of reported conditions of buildings, operating equipment, or individuals.

  3. Thermographers shall not disclose investigation results or client information without client approval. Thermographers, at their discretion, may disclose observed immediate safety health hazards to clients or persons involved exposed to such hazards, when feasible. Thermographers in the medical field shall abide by HIPAA guidelines with regard to PHI.

2. Thermographers shall avoid activities that may harm the public, discredit themselves, or reduce public confidence in the profession.

  1. Advertising, marketing, and promotion of thermographers' services or qualifications shall not be fraudulent, false, deceptive, or misleading.

  2. Members of this Association shall report substantive and willful violations of the Code to the Association.


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