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Why IACT? In a word - service!
Service to the public, governing agencies, and our members .....

Where can I find a well-trained and certified thermographer?
One of the important functions of our association is to provide a means of finding a qualified thermographer in your area. The IACT thoroughly reviews each pending member's credentials and verifies that they were properly trained by a recognized source and successfully passed their examinations for certification. We take this very seriously. Only those who can provide this level of proof are awarded membership by the board of the IACT. When you find a thermographer on our referral list you can trust that they have been well-trained and certified!

I've talked with many "experts" out there only to find that they were salesmen in disguise for equipment manufacturers. Where can I find trustworthy unbiased information on thermography?
The officers of the IACT are bound by the association's code of ethics. None of the officers may act as sales representatives, in-fact or in disguise, for thermographic equipment manufacturers. In order to provide the public, and our members, with objective and unbiased information we cannot be involved at this level. You can trust that the information your receive from the IACT is based on data gathered from research studies, expert opinion, and decades of field experience.

Where can I improve on my level of knowlege without having to wait for a conference or symposium?
The IACT offers its members exclusive access to a fully captioned image library. We are in the process of gathering the largest single database available in the world. Our members have the ability to access this database 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

The IACT is proud to provide the first and only interdisciplinary portal serving the public in their quest for finding certified thermographers and trustworthy information in the field of thermal imaging. We are equally proud of supporting our members as they provide this valuable service the world over.

IACT Member Benefits...

  • Advertising and Marketing
    All IACT members have full use of the IACT member logo to use on business cards and advertising material. You can also download a large, print-quality logo for use by professional printers. If clients, realtors, business owners, and patients contact us regarding your certification they will realize that your credentials are backed by an association that promotes the highest standards of quality and ethical thermographic imaging.  Furthermore, you are authorized to reproduce copies of the IACT Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics to provide to anyone concerned. Our newsletter also adresses helpful advice with regard to promoting your business.

  • Ask the Experts
    Answers to your most pressing questions will be fielded by experts in your respective discipline. Put our decades of experience to your use.

  • A Reference Library
    Our reference library contains valuable information that may help your business and further your professional education.

  • IACT Referral Service
    IACT offers a free referral service for all its members. Whenever IACT receives a request for a thermographer in your area, IACT will forward your contact information to the potential clients or patients.

  • Customer Thermographer Search (Locate a Thermographer Near You)
    Prospective clients and patients looking for a qualified thermographer in their area will find you on our website just by searching the area list.

  • Name Recognition
    IACT can be located on all the major website search engines; therefore, making you more accessible to prospective clients and patients.

  • Interaction with all levels of thermographers
    Unlike other groups, the IACT does not confine our members to their own area of discipline. Once a member enters the private member area of our website, they are allowed to cross over into the other disciplines. This gives our members the ability to learn about the other uses of thermography and interact with each other.

  • IACT website - Members Only
    IACT membership includes exclusive access to the Members Only area of the website. You will be provided with your own username and password in order to enter this area. The members only area provides:
    o A Reference Library to help you further your education in this field.
    o Professional Q&A. Gain exclusive access to experts in your field. Pose your questions to our panel of experts and find the answers posted here.
    o An Image Library provided from some of the leading experts in their respective fields. Each of the thermograms are taken from real-life experiences and are fully captioned to provide a helpful educational experience.
    o Unbiased information on the latest in imaging equipment and systems.
    o Access to event calanders for symposiums and educational courses.
    o An IACT logo download area with multiple variations to fit almost every need.
    o Access to information and services that may help you with your business.
    o Input from the field. Members are encouraged to share information they have found on what works and what doesn't.
    o A place for finding answers to questions from the mundane to the extraordinary.

  • The Hot Spot
    A newsletter for members that covers an array of topics that may include business and marketing strategies, imaging tips, industry trends, news articles, advances in imaging systems, case studies, and more. One of IACT's goals as an organization is to provide a balance between consumers and infrared professionals. Through the Hot Spot, we offer a reliable source of information regarding the industry that opens another line of communication between thermographers.

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