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IACT is the first and only non-profit interdisciplinary thermal imaging association serving professional thermographers worldwide.

Thermal image of building

Building Sciences

The science of identifying shapes and patterns in an infrared image. The interpretation of the images is primarily of thermal patterns rather than specific temperature differences. Examples include moisture intrusion, air leaks, differences in structural details (screws, studs, supporting components, grout fill within CMU) and insulation anomalies.

Thermal image of silo

Condition Monitoring

The science of reading the differences in temperature to monitor the condition of equipment with the intent of anticipating problems or breakdowns before they occur. Examples include electrical and HVAC applications in plants and factories, transformer and power line inspections, and mechanical assembly lines.


Clinical Thermography

Clinical thermography is ideal for applications where physiological information is needed to aid in the differential diagnosis process and/or the monitoring of physiologic responses to treatment. The most common areas of clinical use fall under the categories of breast health and as an aid in determining the primary causes of undiagnosed pain.

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